Resolve Pet Stain & Odor Carpet Cleaner, 22 oz


  • The Extra Strength Pet Carpet Cleaners Permanently Removes Tough Pet Stains Like Urine, Vomit, Feces, And Pet Tracks.
  • The Powerful Odor Stop Discourages Pets From Resoiling The Same Area.
  • Freshens With A Light, Clean Scent
  • Removes stains upon first use
  • Works on tough pet stains like those from urine, vomit, and feces
  • ODOR STOP technology eliminates pet odors
  • Discourages pet resoiling
  • Penetrates deep to help keep stains from reappearing

This Resolve Carpet Cleaner is formulated to work against Pet Stain & Odor. Designed for owners of dogs and cats, this Pet Odor Carpet Cleaner removes stains from urine, pet tracks and more. Not only does Pet Stain & Odor Resolve Carpet Cleaner remove the stain, it also contains a smell that helps to discourage pets from soiling the same area again. Pet Stain & Odor Resolve Carpet Cleaner gets your carpet clean and leaves a light, clean scent behind. This bottle contains 22 oz of Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner.




Product usage: resolve for pet stains carpet cleaner is safe To use onstain resistant, wool, nylon And other synthetic carpets. Limit accessto pets when cleaning. Before cleaning: test a hidden section Of carpetbeing cleaned for colorfastness. Note that some pet stains may causepermanent discoloration, particularly if the stain is not treatedimmediately. Do not mix with bleach or use in conjunction with otherhousehold products. 1. remove solid residue From carpet And blot up anyexcess moisture with a clean, colorfast cloth or sponge. 2. spray soiledarea with resolve for pet stains. Wait 3 minutes. 3. blot or rub gentlywith clean, damp, colorfast cloth or sponge. Rinse sponge or cloth andrepeat until carpet is clean. 4. blot any excess moisture From carpetwith a clean, colorfast sponge or cloth. 5. keep children And pets fromcontact with sprayed area until dry. Recommendation: resolve for petstains also works great on everyday people stains like mud, grape juice,And greasy food. For best results: use promptly after the stain occurs.Stains And odors are easier To remove when treated immediately.


Keep out Of reach Of children. May cause eye irritation. Avoid contactwith eyes. First aid: if in eyes, immediately rinse eyes with plenty ofwater. Remove any contact lenses And continue rinsing eyes for at least15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Do not mixwith bleach or other household products. Contains no phosphates.

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