Rejuvenate Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover 24oz


Stain Remover is earth-friendly, powerful and fast acting. Safely and permanently remove stains with powerful engineered enzymes that dissolve fats, proteins, starches and pigmentation without heavy scrubbing. You will see instant results on lighter stains and spots and even the most stubborn stains fade away overnight. Use it on your carpet, upholstery or any fabric that needs to be treated. Excellent for removing oil/grease, grass stains, food stains, make-up, juices, pet stains and more!

  •  Earth Friendly
  •  Bio-enzymatic action
  •  Free of solvents, phosphates and acids
  •  Low VOC (Volatile organic compounds)
  •  Neutral pH
  •  Odor and fume free


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Weight 151 kg