Resolve Large Area Carpet Cleaner Powder 18 oz


  • Quickly and effectively deep cleans whole room carpets while leaving the room smelling fresh
  • Fast drying formulation
  • Deep cleans without soaking your carpet
  • Removes 3X more dirt than vacuuming alone
  • Large area carpet cleaner cleans up to an 8 ft x 10 ft area
  • For easy cleaning of large carpeted areas
  • 3X more dirt removal than vacuuming alone1.
  • Safely cleans and freshens, leaving carpets soft and plush
  • Absorbs ground-in dirt and neutralizes odors
  • Fast-working formula dries in as little as 20 minutes

Resolve Large Area Carpet Cleaner Powderis designed to provide quick and efficient deep cleaning for your carpets while leaving the room smelling fresh. It is a fast-drying formulation that deep cleans without soaking your carpet. With this 18-oz Resolve Carpet Cleaner, you can remove up to three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. This deep-cleaning carpet cleaner cleans all types of carpets including those that are stain resistant. It is not recommended to use Resolve Large Area Carpet Cleaner Powderon antique or oriental rugs.





Before cleaning: test a hidden section Of carpet for colorfastness. Notethat certain stains cause permanent discoloration even after cleaning.Directions for use: 1. shake container vigorously before each use tomaximize product coverage. 2. sprinkle powder on generously tothoroughly cover soiled areas. Apply To no more than a 2 ft. X 5 ft.Area at a time To prevent moist powder From drying out. 3. using a softbristle brush, immediately brush the powder thoroughly into carpet.Brush until all soil disappears. Important: while cleaning, ifsoil/stains remain, apply more powder And continue brushing until soiledareas look as clean as rest Of carpet. 4. wait at least 20 minutes forpowder To dry, then vacuum. Use an empty vacuum bag for best results. 5.To store, replace cap tightly. After use, rinse brush And allow To dry.Allow longer drying time in humid weather, or on deep pile carpet. Ifpowder does not vacuum up completely, let stand until carpet feels dryto touch, then revacuum. Let wet soils dry before cleaning. Notrecommended for use with any vacuum cleaner that has a water filter orwater tank. For stubborn spots And stains, try resolve triple actioncarpet cleaner. For toughest pet stains And odors, try resolve pet stain’n odor carpet cleaner.


Keep out Of reach Of children. Caution: may cause eye irritation. Avoidcontact with eyes. First aid: if in eyes, immediately rinse with plentyof water. Remove any contact lenses And continue rinsing eyes for atleast 15 minutes. If irritation occurs, get medical attention.

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