BIO-MAXoc – Cleaner – Pet Stain and Odor Elimination


BIO-MAXoc is the ultimate pet stain and odor elimination product. Also for oil, grease and waste.
BIO-MAXoc is designed to digest waste, speeding the process of liquefication, and it goes to work immediately eliminating odors. BIO-MAXoc is the ultimate pet stain and odor elimination product! Each bottle contains millions of non-disease causing bacteria that produce enzymes that liquefy human and animal waste, elminates odors and even breaks down oil and grease. This product‘s grease solubilizers inusre superior performance even under conditions of high pH and extreme temperatures

BIO-MAXoc is a broad-spectrum blend of cultured, live bacteria, enzymes, and solubilizing agents. This formulation provides instant odor control and quickly liquefies animal waste and vomit.

BIO-MAXoc is a broad spectrum blend of cultured live bacteria, enzymes and solubilizing agents.

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Weight 450 kg