SPEEDY CLEAN Concrete & Mortar Dissolver – Cleaner 22oz


The Non Acid Biodegradable Dissolve. Use on Tools, Cloths, Equipment and More.
SPEEDY CLEAN Concrete & Mortar Dissolver is a totally non-acid product that is 100 % biodegradable and will dissolve, making easily removable, any Portland Cement based product. Designed to turn concrete, mortar, stucco, or grout into a soft mush, it can be used on tools and equipment avoiding chipping and harsh acids. SPEEDY CLEAN™ Concrete Dissolver normally works in 10 to
15 minutes depending on the application.

Non-Hazardous To Equipment. Use To Clean:
Concrete Splash on Siding • Foundations • Patios & Wooden Decks
Ready-Mix Trucks • Mixers • Vehicles • Forms • Molds
Cement Buggies • Pumps • Trowels & Screeds • Concrete Saws
Slip-Form Pavers • Augers and much more!

Will Not Harm Paint, Metal or Wood!

• No Sulfuric Acid • Non-Corrosive
• No Muriatic Acid • Non-Fuming
• No Hydrochloric Acid • Non-Flammable
• No Phosphoric Acid • 100% Biodegradable

Available in 22 fl. oz. spray,


Companies using Speedy Clean Concrete & Mortar Dissolver

Ready Mix Concrete Companies
Precast Concrete Companies
Concrete Testing Labs
Mason Contractors
Concrete Contractors
Paving Contractors
Tool & Equipment Rental Yards
Concrete Block Manufacturers

10 reasons why they use it:

Non Acid (Contains no muriatic, sulphuric, or phosphoric acid)
100% Biodegradable (Won’t hurt the environment or employees)
No Hazardous (No special storage needed)
Non Corrosive (Will not damage tools or equipment)
Water Neutralized (Safe to flow down drains)
Easy to use (No special training needed)
Increases safety (No chipping , using harsh harmful chemicals )
Non Harmful (Won’t harm paint, rubber, plastic vegetation, grass, or metal)
Lowers Liability (Does not expose employees to harmful situations)
Non Fuming (No need to wear respirators or protective clothing)

Additional information

Weight 151 kg