Rejuvenate 24oz. Leather & Vinyl Cleaner


  • Rejuvenate LEATHER & VINYL Cleaner The first step in the Leather and Vinyl renewer system instantly removes Dirt, Body Oils, Sweat and Grime in one easy application. Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl cleaner is so effective it clears away years of accumulated stains in moments. Simply spray it on and gently rub with Microfiber side of the Rejuvenate Chamois & Microfiber Polishing Pad to thoroughly clean any leather or vinyl surfaced items.
    • Removes Dirt, Body Oils, Sweat and Grime on ALL leather and vinyl surfaces
    • One simple application to clean away years of rubbed in dirt
    • For best results use with Rejuvenate Chamois & Microfiber Polishing Pad.
    • Excellent for ALL leather & vinyl surfaces
    • Instantly cleans & shines
    • Works great on outdoor patio furniture
    • Gives a new-car look and feel to leather auto interiors
    Natural Leather Synthetic Leather Vinyl



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Weight 151 kg