Oven And Cooker Carbon Remover – Spray 19oz


Carbon Remover is a powerful gel that dissolves carbon build-up from metal surfaces, brick and glass. SCR works quickly and easily saving time and labour. SAFE ON ALUMINUM

Clean cooking pots – Just Spray  and wipe away


Oven                                             Cooker
Cooking Pots and Dishes        Frying Pan
Oven sheets                                Chinese Woks
All metal surface                         Deep Fryers
Stainless Steel                            Waffles Bakers
Nickel Steel                                  Popcorn Kettles
Brass                                             Brick
Glass                                             Barbecue Grill
Fireplace Door Glass                 Roasting & Sheet Pans
Shake well before using
Spray generously, holding can 8 to 10 inches from surface
Leave for 15 minutes or as long as 5 hours, depending of the thickness of the carbon build-up.
Leave over night if convenient.
Test with small wooden stick to see if carbon is completely loose. DO NOT SCRUB!
When carbon completely loose, wash under cold water.
Before using appliance be sure to wash thoroughly with warm water and soap.



1) If the build up is really thick, we recommend using Carbon-Off (above) to clean the oven the first time, and you may use Foam Plus (below) for each cleaning thereafter.

2) Carbon-Off is to be used on a cold oven (room temperature). Foam Plus is used in a warm oven (approx. 200-220 degrees F.)

3) The Carbon-Off (once sprayed on) needs to remain on the oven walls until surface wipes clean. This could take from 15 minutes to several hours (depending on the thickness of the build-up), whereas the Foam Plus sprays on and you wipe off almost immediately waiting only 15-30 seconds.


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