Mr Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, 4 count


50% stronger to last longer vs. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original.
Textured for tough tasks.
Concenterated cleaning power removes built up grime.
Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic
Cleans textured surfaces, plastic patio furniture and alloy care wheels.

There’s a reason Mr. Clean works out…so he can always handle even the toughest cleaning challenges. But thanks to his Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power with 50% more strength than Original Magic Eraser, everyone can clean a tough mess with ease, just like the Mr. himself!

Its water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into the surface grooves, lifting away built up dirt.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power is so tough, each swipe removes more grime than the leading all-purpose bleach spray cleaner, and it has no harsh chemicals. Before long, you’ll be back to the things you love best in a brighter, cleaner space.


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Weight 100 kg