Manual Food Vegetable Fruit Chopper Cutter Slicer – Heavy Duty


This Processor is a manual heavy-duty food fruit and vegetable cutter for cutting, slicing of fruit and vegetable to prepare salad slice and chop dishes.
It has 5 cone that can be interchange to use for cutter and slicing.
Made with zinc alloy and finished with chrome plating
Also protects the fingers when getting to the end of the cutting process.
Heavy duties and long lasting. Add garnish to food and salad

5 interchange Cones

1 Use the first cone one for grating food that are hard like carrots, potatoes, coconut and Shred any similar though food.
2 Use the second cone to produces strips for onions, fruits, apples and similar produces.
3 Use the third cone for cutter potatoes and similar fruits and vegetable into thin chips shades.
4 Use the fourth cone to slice potato chips, onions, carrots and similar vegetables.
5 Use the fifth cone to beauty garnish waffle looking slice for cucumber, potatoes, bananas and most fruits and vegetables to give it an appealing look.

Additional information

Weight 1501 kg