GOO GONE Grill & Grate Cleaner, 24oz


Food tastes better when cooked on a clean grill. But the grates, where direct contact with food occurs, are often the most neglected part of the grill.

Goo Gone® Grill & Grate makes the tough task of cleaning your grill easier. The powerful formulation gives you the power to quickly get rid of caked-on food, carbon, grease and baked-on deposits that can ruin the quality and taste of grilled foods. Simply spray it on your grill and grates and the super-strength gel clings to surfaces to destroy grease and grime.

Powerful cleaner and degreaser
Super-strength gel destroys grease and grime
Removes sticky, gooey, gummy outdoor messes
Plant-based & natural citrus power
Safe for use on food preparation surfaces
Reduce smoke and flare-ups
Helps prevents corrosion
Won’t harm surfaces
Biodegradable ingredients

Goo Gone® Grill & Grate is safe for use on all grill interior cooking surfaces and exterior surfaces including:
Cast iron
Baked-on porcelain
Cooking Grates
Drip Pans


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Weight 201 kg