Nu Finish Car Polish Liquid 8 oz


Rated #1 car polish by leading consumer testing magazines for protection, durability, gloss improvement and best retail value
Both liquid and paste versions are the only products to have been rated #1 by the leading U.S. consumer testing magazine
No heavy rubbing, no heavy buffing formula and can be applied in direct sunlight
Only car polish product on the market that contains no wax
Can also be used to protect: fiberglass boats, airplanes and motorcycles, as well as various household items.

Why Use a Polish Over a Conventional Wax Product
Conventional waxes don’t last long because the common ingredient in these products, carnauba wax, breaks down quickly in everyday conditions. Neither Nu Finish Liquid nor Nu Finish Paste Car Polish contain carnauba waxes. No other liquid or paste products can make that claim. Nu Finish is made up of a series of zinc cross-linking polymer emulsions that help it last longer than any other polish on the market. This is why Nu Finish is called “The-Once-A-Year Car Polish.” Give Nu Finish a try and catch how it makes water bead month after month.


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Weight 150 kg


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