Meguiar’s Hot Rims – Aluminum Wheel Cleaner


Hot Rims® Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

Product number: G14324

Hot Rims™ Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is the ultra-safe solution for cleaning uncoated aluminum. Guaranteed safe for uncoated and polished aluminum wheels as well as anodized and powder-coated wheel surfaces – it’s even safe on all brake components.

• Reformulated to clean wheels and tires.
• Safe for all factory, clear-coated and painted wheels.
• Visually see dirt leaving the wheel & tire.

  • Loosens and dissolves brake dust, road grime
  • Safe for all wheels
  • Spray on & hose off
  • 24 oz spray
  • The sprayer tip uses a locking mechanism that must be depressed prior to turning the spray tip from the OFF to ON position




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Weight 151 kg


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